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21 July: finished the course "Scala Advanced, Part 1". Course Certificate.

12 May: finished the course "Stairway to Scala Applied, Part 3". Course Certificate.

4 April: finished the course "Stairway to Scala Applied, Part 2". Course Certificate.

3 March: finished the course "Processing Events with Logstash". Course Certificate.

1 January: finished the course "Stairway to Scala Applied, Part 1". Course Certificate.


14 September: finished the course "Big Data Analysis with Scala and Spark". Course Certificate.

21 August: finished the course "Parallel programming" (4 weeks). Course Certificate.

11 August: CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer certification. License 100-021-034.

19 July: finished the course "Functional Program Design in Scala" (4 weeks). Course Certificate.

13 July: finished the course "Functional Programming Principles in Scala" from Martin Odersky (6 weeks). Course Certificate.

3 July: finished my Degree in Software Engineering. Report (es), slides, sourcecode, wiki.

March: Desployed the application SynfigTools, that allows to copy layers from a file to other file from Synfig. SynfigTools repository.

February: Deplyed the demo alpha version of GoraExplorer (admin:admin) at Amazon. GoraExplorer repository.


September: Created the package Nishilua server URL placeholders to configure placeholders in AJAX routes of ExtJS 6.

May: attendance to the course from Cloudera Developer Training For Spark and Hadoop (60 hours).


December: Created the package Nishilua escaped binds to use binds with keys with escape characters in ExtJS 6.

March: taken a course at Indra about Development of Applications with Spring and Hibernate JPA (20 hours).


November: taken a course at Indra about Objects Persistency with Hibernate JPA (20 hours).


November: taken a course at Indra about Javascript (12 hours). A resulta can be seen at

November: taken a course at Indra about Ext JS (20 hours).

November: taken a course at Indra about Introduction to Maven (15 hours).

October: taken a course at Indra about HTML5/CSS3 (16 hours). A result can be seen at

June: finished the exams of CAIT-IS. Grades report.

March-April: taken the course from MIT Tackling the challenges of Big Data


November: attendee to the congress Big Data Spain 2013.

October: elected member of the Worker's Council.

September: start of the course CAIT-IS (Course of Adaptation to Grade for Technical Engineers - Graduate in Software Engineering).

December 2012-Agosto: Creation of the artistic work "Fluctuations (Installation)" with Ignacio Pérez.


December: PMC Member & Commiter of Apache Gora.

November: patch for Apache Gora 0.2.1 . Avro schemas compiler was not generating getter/setters for 'union' types. GORA-174

September: FTP server with virtual users up and running.

September: deployed a MapReduce cluster of 3 nodes in Hadoop 1.0.3 + HBase 0.94.1 + Nutch 2.0 ( + Gora 0.2.1 + HBase 0.92 client).

21 March: late start of the course Software Engineering for SaaS from Berkeley.

5 March: MITx Circuits and Electronics course begins.


October: changed the method to learn morse. Application to learn morse with Koch Method.

August: learning morse. How long will it take?

July: "playing" awhile with the sourcecode of Minecraft server: decompilation and deobfuscation in the project Another Modded Minecraft Server.

21 June: End of Career Project presentation. Now I am Technical Engineer in Systems Informatics (like a BEng). Report (es), slides, sourcecode, blog with annotations (es).

March-May: teaching experience. Taller de desarrollo web con CakePHP.

April: finished my timers library for Arduino. Tested in Duemilanove.

April: winner, with Jacobo Lobeiras and Belén Torrente, of the "X Programming Contest FIC - 2011".

22 March: since today, I follow GMT-1. Begins "The GMT-1 experiment".

March: finished my Pin Change Interrupts library for Arduino. Tested in Duemilanove.


Colaboration organizing the Annual Mensa Gathering 2010 (spanish gathering).

President of elections committee for the new board of directors of IEEEsb UNED.

Colaboration organizing the National Branche's Conferences 2010 of IEEEsb UNED.

Joined IEEE Students Branch UNED (IEEEsb UNED).

June: attendance at summer course "EnREDado: easy robotics with Lego Midstorm" at UNED.

March - June: attendance at Computer Science IEEEsb-UNED Workshops A Coruña: "Robotics".


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